When you use genuine Xerox® Toners or supplies, you’ll get vibrant colors, sharp text, crisp fine lines, and consistent output – page after page. You expect excellence from your Xerox® printer, and only our supplies can ensure that with every print. Never compromise on quality.

Get Xerox® performance and reliability in all your office supplies, including toner and replacement cartridges that are formulated to provide the best image quality and most reliable printing.

Superior value. For much less

You’ll get all the performance, reliability and safety you’ve come to expect from Xerox, but without the associated costs of cartridges from original manufacturers. Trust your toner to those who know it best.

Xerox® Everyday™ Toner

Toner usually comes in one of two extremes. Expensive. Or unreliable. Not anymore.

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No Risk Lifetime Warranty

Unlike no-name bargain brands, we stand behind our product. That’s why Xerox® Everyday™ Toner comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Compliances and Certifications

Xerox® Everyday™ Toner complies with key safety and environmental regulations regarding the use of chemicals and electrical components and their proper disposal.

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People Friendly. Planet Friendly.

Xerox® Everyday™ Toner is safe for you and the environment. The chemicals in our toner and the plastics in the cartridge meet or exceed industry standards for global safety and environmental compliance.

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