Design of Data Management Systems

Docutech Ghana is positioned to provide a system that caters for all aspects of data management from the humble domain model to the board design itself.

We at Docutech have one goal of implementing a design data management system that allows for the creation and management of design. Stored in a centralizes repository for access by the design team, they are version-controlled and lifecycle-managed.

Another position we take in designing our data management systems is to allow a formal definition of the links between the design world and the supply chain that is ultimately responsible for building the actual products. Achieved by mapping the design data to specific production items (blank and assembled boards) that the supply chain is actually going to build.

With this model in place, and with a range of supporting features and technologies, the software enables you to design in a controlled way without loss of design freedom, with the assurance that you are using revisions of components and schematic sheets that are managed and approved for design use. Subsequently, once the design is ready for release, you can pass data from the design domain to the production domain in a pain-free, streamlined, and automated fashion generating data output of the highest integrity, literally at the touch-of-a-button!